Meet Joe Zajac

Leisenring No. 1


   From the moment a charred skull shows up in a coke oven, there is one thing that’s certain: trouble is brewing in western Pennsylvania. And it’s up to former cop Joe Zajac to figure out what’s going on. 

  What appears to be a simple case of revenge turns out to be much more as Joe confronts other mysteries—from a brutal murder to a thousand pounds of missing dynamite. And when his own life is threatened, he starts to see just how big the plot is—and how far people are willing to go to stop him. 

   Set in 1900, the story takes you back to a time when coal and steel barons lived like kings. Men like H.C. Frick and Andrew Carnegie amassed great fortunes off the backs of powerless immigrant workers. Stuck in company towns like Leisenring, their lives were hard and dangerous. 

   The fuse is lit and time is running out for Joe to stop the conspiracy before innocent miners become its victims.