Murder in the Mountains

     It’s New Year’s Eve, 1900, but Homer Harkins isn’t celebrating. He’s dead, found hanging by the neck at a mountain lumber mill. To lumberman Henry Brooks, it’s a grim escalation in a series of troubles he’s recently run into. Eager to stop further violence, he asks former cop-turned-saloon-manager Joe Zajac for help. A visit to the scene of the crime turns deadly when Joe and Henry are attacked. Their assailant ends up dead and Joe’s adventure begins.
     While Joe works his way through the lumber mill murder mystery, he also agrees to help solve a new problem affecting his former employer, the H.C. Frick Coke Company. A gang is robbing their payrolls and Frick wants Joe to stop them. Joe soon determines that his former nemesis, Kurt Straub, is still alive and behind the crimes — the robberies a prelude to a grand and murderous scheme.
     Criminals and anarchists are at work and it’s up to Joe to stop them. But can he figure out their plans in time?

Joe Zajac's Second Adventure